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Forging a stronger connection between fans and musicians at every exchange


  • Subscribe to your favorite artists and become a collector of truly limited releases
  • Chat live with artists and other fans
  • Own, sell, trade & rent your music
  • Buy direct from your favorite artists and put money right in their pockets
  • Sell to your fans with complete control over the use and value of your music
  • Have direct access to your supporters, including the freedom to offer unique rewards
  • Earn 2 cents from every stream, and 80% from every sale
  • Get paid quickly!


Token.FM allows artists to connect directly with their fans and sell their music for what they think it’s worth. We believe creators should set prices for their art and retain control over how it’s distributed. For fans, this means a deeper connection with the artists they love and the ability to directly and fairly support creators

Why Token.FM

A true content shift

  • Create in new ways with Fan Previews.  Artists can release in-progress versions through the streaming service for real pre-release feedback

In the future

We believe our technology can help make music a deeper and more rewarding experience for artists and fans alike, and we are committed to building the infrastructure that enhances their exchange. This is why our pay structures have been so artist-focused, and this is why we encourage users to try our chat rooms.

It is also why we are working hard to roll out the next series of exciting features:

  • Fans will be able to buy tokens to support their favorite artists and listen to their music, but they will also be able to make some money from their collection, and trade their tokens with other fans
  • Tokens can represent a license to own or stream tracks, but they can also represent access rights to exclusive spaces, offer unique perks at the artist's’ discretion, offer a temporary sneak-preview into a recording, and more
  • Tokens contain data, like tags, which can make for more meaningful experiences between music lovers.
  • Artists will be able to tokenize their music and distribute their tokens how ever they like. This means a whole new level of control.

Building a shared future together


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