The Future of Media

Get More From Media


Artists can set their own pricing, scarcity & royalty splits and can earn 20X more! As a fan you can rent, lend, gift trade or sell media you buy and stream it for free.


Engage in exclusive artist chats, shoutouts, and events with albums you own. Back early artists and experience ‘living’ albums that change over time!


Artists can release limited editions and tie albums to perks like VIP experiences, live-stream access, collaborations, pre-sales, exclusives and more!

Empowering Artists. Build Your Empire

Own your empire and earn 20X more. Control your pricing, splits, fan and commercial licensing, and commerce in one stop. Build lasting fan relationships with intimate experiences, artist collaborations, perks and collectible albums tied to media or your own artist coin. Partner with other artists, brands, broadcaster or playlist curators. Tokenized media isn’t tied to token.FM so you can take your fans wherever you go!

Exciting Fans. Exclusive Perks & Ownership

Back your favorite artists directly and experience media in new ways. Collect limited editions and ‘living’ albums, connect with artists in chats and unlock exclusive perks tied to albums you own. You also truly own it, so you can lend, sell, gift or trade your media. Or explore new media with jukebox style streaming credits. Your media is the key to exclusive experiences!

Expanding Media. Incredible Possibilities

More than a just a license to listen. Tokenized media empowers ownership and exciting value creation for artists, fans, and curators. Perks like access to exclusive artist chats, presales, live experiences, brand exclusives, collaborations and more can be tied to owning an album. Collectible media is possible with true scarity. ‘Living’ albums open the door to exciting multi-artist or brand collaborations.

The Jukebox Meets Bitcoin & Blockchain!

token.FM uses Jukebox style credits that are used to stream songs, access or purchase media, tip creators and purchase items like chat rooms and aesthetics. Credits never expire. Artists and fans can get started with or without Bitcoin or a blockchain wallet! Albums can exist as both traditional media or blockchain tokens & we keep everything transparent!


  • Using token.FM allows me to reward my fans for their goodwill and sharing, which in turn will help me win more fans as they become more engaged and spread the word to their friends

    Tatiana Moroz Musician
  • token.FM is all about deepening the relationship between artists and fans while restoring the sense of music ownership that has been largely missing from the digital music experience

    Adam Levine Tokenly CEO
  • In the music industry, the blockchain could transform publishing, monetization and the relationship of artists with their communities of fans.

    Tech Crunch
  • I haven’t explored bitcoin until now. I'm excited about the future with token.FM and tokenized albums!

    Angela Patricia Musician


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