White-Label NFTs, Media + More

Bands, athletes, journalists, creators, influencers, record labels, podcasters and more... If you've got an audience, you should own your relationships with your fans and earn a lot more revenue.

Own It

It’s YOUR platform, we just work here. Your brand. Your domain. You're in control. Set your own pricing and royalty splits, offer rare collectibles and much more.


We connect you to the latest business tools. From copyright to publishing, NFTs and crypto, social media and more, Token.FM makes it easy for Brands and Creators to accelerate your own personal Media Empire. Join our growing network of empowered media creators!


Engage with fans and other Creator’s communities via exclusive NFTs, chats, shoutouts, events and more with a platform YOU control.

What are you waiting for?

We made Token.FM so you can outgrow the YouTubes, Spotifys, and Twitters of the world. They keep a huge percentage of the revenue you earn, and they can delete you whenever they want.

Token.FM works for you--not the other way around! Benefit from our turnkey, creator controlled community engagement and monetization tools. With Token.FM, YOU control your pricing, revenue splits, copyright, commercial licensing, NFTs, and eCommerce from one easy-to-use interface.

Build up your brand and lasting fan relationships with intimate experiences, collaborations, perks and collectibles. Partner profitably with other creators, influencers, and curators.

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