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A token is a digital representation of a physical good, digital good, service or promise. Tokens are created on a blockchain which empowers them with proof of existence, provenance, traceability, & trade-ability. Tokens can be used in many ways including: Form of Access, Proof of Ownership, Purchase Power. Because tokens live on the blockchain, they are versatile and platform agnostic.
token.fm is an artist and fan community and streaming platform. token.FM empowers media creators to own their distribution and pricing and to create exciting value for their fans. It is the first practical artist and fan based application of blockchain technology. Both blockchain and bitcoin are abstracted away so core features can be enjoyed without technical hurdles.
To empower media creators, excite fans and expand what is possible with media. token.FM bridges the gap between physical ownership and digital streaming in an exciting way that offers the best of both worlds. Blockchain tokens offer a powerful tool to value creation and engagement between creators and their fans. We're pioneering the exciting future of media.


Champion Of The Blockchain Media Revolution. Restoring Control To Creators And Enabling Intimate Experiences For Fans.


  • Adam
    Adam CEO, Founder

    1st Album: Barenaked Ladies, Stunt

    Fave Song: Tycho, A Walk

  • Cortney
    Cortney Business Development

    1st Album: Reality Bites Soundtrack

    Fave  Song: Elliott Smith, Between the Bars

  • Devon
    Devon CTO, Co-Founder

    1st Album: Petra, Beat the System

    Fave  Song: Moonlight Sonata, Ludwig van Beethoven

  • George
    George Product & Business Development

    First Album | The beatles 1962-1966 Red

    Favorite Song | Paul Desmond, Desmond Blue

  • Martin
    Martin CSO

    1st Album: Prozzak, Hot Show

    Fave  Song: Handlebars, Flobots

  • Michael
    Michael Community & Marketing

    1st Album: Eminem, The Slim Shady Lp

    Fave  Song: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools

  • Nick
    Nick Senior Developer, Co-Founder

    1st Album: Devil’s Nigh, D12

    Fave  Song: Forgotten, Snak the Ripper

  • Raider
    Raider Front End Engineer

    1st Album: Green Day, American Idiot

    Fave  Song: Language, Porter Robinson

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana Ambassador

    1st Album: Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman

    Fave  Song: Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley

  • Steven
    Steven CFO, Co-Founder

    1st Album | The White Album, The Beatles

    Fave  Song | Traumerei, R. Schumann


Tokenly is a blockchain technology solutions company specializing in the design and development of applications and APIs that leverage blockchain tokens. Our solutions make it easy to implement blockchain features and functionality with as much or as little abstraction for the end user as needed. Tokenly currently builds solutions on the bitcoin blockchain and counterparty protocol.

To date Tokenly has developed to various degrees solutions for eCommerce, crowdfunding, logistics, advertising, publishing, gambling, gaming, trade, media licensing & financial instrument uses. Tokenly intends on being a blockchain agnostic intermediary solution and service layer that makes it easy to best leverage blockchain and tokens for specific challenges and exciting new opportunities.

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