Own Your Empire

Own Your Empire

The power to control your distribution, pricing, revenue splits, licenses, causes, co-branding & eCommerce operations.

Build The Future

Pioneer the future of media with curator incentives, scarcity, brand partnerships, collaborations and more. No bitcoin or blockchain skills needed, just your passion!

Engage With Fans

Discover new ways to connect with fans, share semi-private and exclusive experiences and truly own your fan connections.


Create perks, subscriptions, limited collections, collaborations, and other innovative and exciting partnerships. Work with whoever, however you want.

1. Setup

Create an account and upload your media. Set your stream and buy pricing per song & album along with splits. 

2. Perk Up

Create value & incentives for fans! Tokenize albums to create limited editions, ‘living albums’, exclusive access, subscriptions & more.

3. Grow

Setup a shop for your merch, collaborate with other artists, create incentives for curators to get discovered, work with brands.

Why token.FM

We’re bridging the gap between analog and digital media to build an exciting community for content creators like you and your fans. By tokenizing media on the blockchain we can tackle a lot of existing pain points like revenue potential and splits. More exciting though are the opportunities to create completely new experiences, intimate fan relations and value. That said, it’s got to be simple. Rest assured you can get started without any knowledge of blockchain or bitcoin!

Feel The Power

20X Earning Potential

We recommend a stream rate of 2.5 credits (2.5 USD) and you keep 80% of media streaming and sales. That means earning $2,000 per 100,000 streams instead of $200 or less!


Connect direct to fans in live chat. You can limit access to fans that own specific songs, albums or artist coins to create exclusive engagements.

Revenue Splits

Set up revenue splits for streaming and sales per song or album. Whether it’s band mates, playlist curators, labels, or charities. They just need a username.

Catch Fire

In the best way! Offer curators a share of revenues or collaborate with other artists or brands on live albums to get discovered and grow your fans!

Setup Shop

Setup your own eCommerce shop to sell your merch, tickets and even resell other marketplace items for a commission! All in one stop.

Perks. More Perks.

By tokenizing a song or album you unlock the ability to attach perks. It can be a rare collectible, give access to a chat, specific discount, sale or experience. Perks can be added endlessly to increase the value of the same media.

Pay Day

When fans spend credits, you earn revenue credits. Every $5 USD you can cash out to dollars or Bitcoin! Credits are how we support micro-transactions.

Lasting Bonds

Build lasting fan relationships and grow in any direction you want. Tokenized media isn’t tied to token.fm and neither are your fans!

Start FREE

You use your Action Credits as a fee to tokenize media, update metadata, unlock extra features and to run your eCommerce shop. Fans spend Action Credits on streaming and purchases. These get converted into Revenue Credits. Once you hit 5,000 credits (5 $USD) you can cash out to bitcoin or dollars. We recommend a streaming rate of 2.5 credits per song.


- annual

360 action credits

~ 1 Tokenization

~ 24 Track uploads

Your Own Chat Room

eCommerce Trial

Grow Plan

$20 annual

1400 action credits

~ 5 Tokenizations

~ 93 Track uploads

Your Own Chat Room

eCommerce Shop

Bulk Top Ups Anytime

Free Fan Plan Pay


Word Is…

  • Using token.FM allows me to reward my fans for their goodwill and sharing, which in turn will help me win more fans as they become more engaged and spread the word to their friends

    Tatiana Moroz Musician
  • token.FM is all about deepening the relationship between artists and fans while restoring the sense of music ownership that has been largely missing from the digital music experience

    Adam Levine Tokenly CEO
  • In the music industry, the blockchain could transform publishing, monetization and the relationship of artists with their communities of fans.

    Tech Crunch


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