More Than Media

Exclusive Experiences

Own Your Media

Stream it jukebox style or buy it. Buying unlocks perks, unlimited streaming and the ability to gift, lend, rent or sell YOUR collection!


Back your favorite artists and playlist creators directly! Discover new artists early and access limited perks to connect with the ones you love!


An album you buy can be your key to private chat rooms, VIP experiences, pre-sales, discounts, shoutouts & more! Artists set their perks.


Limited editions are truly limited. Albums can be ‘live’ and grow over time. Endless perks can evolve over time. Get more from your media!

1. Enjoy

Start streaming and chatting with a free account that includes monthly credits. Unlock new features and credits that won’t expire with a plus plan.

2. Connect

Support your favorite artists and discover new ones. Buy albums to unlock unlimited streaming, the ability to trade, and for access to perks!

3. Experience

Back artists before they hit it big and snatch up limited releases with unique perks. Your library is your key to exclusive experiences!

Analog Meets Digital

Analog meets digital. They’re having a baby, It’s amazing. As a fan you;re about to get the best of decades. You get to own your media just like a vinyl. You can also stream it anywhere and discover new music in a jukebox style systems. If you buy it you get to stream it for free and coming soon we’ll have stream to own. And when you own it, it gets exciting. Not only are you directly backing creators, but your media is the key to exclusive experiences, chats, event and brand promotions and artist relationships. And that’s just the beginning.

More Than Just Media

Own It!

Trade, gift, lend, rent or sell media you’ve bought. Or stream with jukebox style credits that never expire!


Collect verifiable rare tokenized media like limited edition albums with unique exclusive perks that can grow over time.

Get Personal

Connect with artists in private and semi-private chats, shoutouts, streams and more.

Back Artists

Artists can earn 20x more on thanks to fewer sticky fingers & direct funding whenever you stream, subscribe, tip or buy.


Build lasting relationships. Get exclusive access. Discover artists early. Become a curator. Support a cause. You want it, let’s do it!


Not just a new song, but new ways to experience media. Encourage your favorite artists to live stream exclusive jam sessions, collaborate with other artists, curators and brands. Discover new ways to get value from your media.

Start FREE

token.FM uses jukebox style credits to empower transactions and exciting features. Use you action credits to stream music you don’t own, buy music, customize your experience or redeem for exclusive experiences. Get started with a free account today. We offer artists 20X more earning potential by letting them connect direct with you.. their fans.. durr! Artists set their own stream rates, though we recommend 2.5 credits per stream if you don’t own the track.

PLUS+ members also get access to features like bulk credit top ups that never expire, file locker for your existing library, and exclusives!


- month

99 credits per month

~2.5 hours or 40 tracks

Free 30 sec. previews


$7 month

900 credits per month

~15 hours or 240 tracks

Free 30 sec. previews

Credits Don’t Expire

Bulk Top Ups Anytime

File Locker

Deals & Exclusives!

Word Is…

  • Using token.FM allows me to reward my fans for their goodwill and sharing, which in turn will help me win more fans as they become more engaged and spread the word to their friends

    Tatiana Moroz Musician
  • token.FM is all about deepening the relationship between artists and fans while restoring the sense of music ownership that has been largely missing from the digital music experience

    Adam Levine Tokenly CEO
  • In the music industry, the blockchain could transform publishing, monetization and the relationship of artists with their communities of fans.

    Tech Crunch
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