Experience Possibilities

JukeBox 2.0

token.FM reintroduces the jukebox for media with Play As You Go credits. As a fan you can use action credits to stream or buy music, tip creators and make other purchases to enhance your experience. Once you buy something you own it and can stream it for free. Creators use credits to tokenize media or subscriptions, setup extra chats and run their shops. As a creator you get paid in revenue credits that can be cashed out into dollars or Bitcoin.

Fan Plans


- month

99 credits per month

~2.5 hours or 40 tracks

Free 30 sec. previews



$7 month

900 credits per month

~15 hours or 240 tracks

Free 30 sec. previews

Credits Don’t Expire

Bulk Top Ups Anytime

File Locker

Deals & Exclusives!

Artist Plans

Own your empire and earn 20X more. You get 80% of all streaming and media sales. When fans spend their Action Credits they get converted into Revenue Credits. These can be auto split per song, album or specific media file across your band, managers, playlist curators or charities as long as they have a token.FM account. Once you hit 5,000 credits (5 $USD), you can cash out. You use your Action Credits as a fee to tokenize media, update metadata, unlock extra features and to run your eCommerce shop.


- annual

360 action credits

~ 1 Tokenization

~ 24 Track uploads

Your Own Chat Room

eCommerce Trial

Grow Plan

$20 annual

1400 action credits

~ 5 Tokenizations

~ 93 Track uploads

Your Own Chat Room

eCommerce Shop

Bulk Top Ups Anytime

Free Fan Plan Pay


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