Empowering Artists | We Do This


The token.FM platform provides artists with the tools to execute on the following items. The reality is that most artists will need some support with strategizing, planning or executing items #3 and #4.


  • Own Your Empire | The power to control distribution, pricing, revenue splits, licenses, co-branding & eCommerce operations.
  • Build The Future | Pioneer the adoption of blockchain and token technology for media creators and fans without the need for deep technical knowledge.
  • Engage With Fans | New ways to connect with fans, share semi-private and exclusive experiences and truly own your fan connections.
  • It’s Exciting | Create perks, subscriptions, limited collections, collaborations, and other innovative and exciting partnerships.


Expanding Brand Potential | We Support This


The tokenFM platform and Tokenly solutions ‘enable’ the following. This is where a 3rd party platform or expert can connect brands with artists and other partners to explore creative solutions and new market opportunities. We actively seek and welcome discussions with folks in areas such as marketing, VR/AR, loyalty programs, charities, etc.


  1. Artist Connections | Partner with artists at all stages with a ‘passive’ but present role in their media distribution and exposure.
  2. Fan Exposure | Widespread, non-invasive exposure that’s value driven.
  3. Market Development | Explore new channels, incentives and conversion plays.
  4. X Ideas | Forge new co-branding partnerships, explore AR/VR, establish perks, accept digital currency, launch your own.


Marketing Today | Advertising & Promotion Driven


Artists can benefit from a brand’s consumer base and potential licensing. Brands can benefit from impressions and exposure. But there is a missing link in providing value to the fan.


  • Execute a targeted promotion or ad play with specific high profile artists
  • Sponsor a selection of artists directly for some social tags
  • Sponsor some artist event for some web or print brand exposure
  • Buy (invasive) impression and PPC advertising related to specific artists


Marketing with token.FM | Value Driven


The use of blockchain tokens and the tokenFM platform allows brand to explore new forms of marketing and collaboration. These new avenues focus on creating value for both the artists and the fans. Doing so allows the brand to maintain consistent top of mind awareness without an invasive ‘push’ marketing feel.


  • Sponsor specific artist chat rooms where fans and artists engage
  • Sponsor free streams of specific media or artists for a set volume or duration
  • Sponsor a branded multi-artist album with royalties paid to artists.
  • Cross-promote with other brands. Create exclusive shopping experiences.
  • Provide access to exclusive artist events or brand promotions.
  • Launch a custom loyalty point program that can be used for artist purchases.
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