What is Blockchain

Skinny | Blockchain is a very sexy decentralized database. It enables permanent and indisputable proof of existence, proof of possession and proof of transaction. Where a traditional B2C, B2B, or C2C transaction relies on each party maintaining records of what occurred, blockchain provides transparent and shared access to these records. As ‘just a sexy database’, it empowers trust, transaction speed and low overall transaction costs. When employed with purpose it also provides revolutionary true ownership, authenticity and novel solutions to many different problems.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates on the bitcoin blockchain. It is still often incorrectly associated as being synonymous with blockchain, but it is in fact just one ‘application’ or ‘utility’. The Bitcoin blockchain is the largest and most adopted of blockchains at present and bitcoin transactions are the primary transaction type. That said, tokens may also exist and be transferred on the bitcoin blockchain. These tokens do not need to have a primary utility of ‘currency’. They reap both the benefits and challenges of existing on the bitcoin blockchain.

What is a Token

A token is a digital representation of a physical good, digital good, service or ‘instrument or promise’. Tokens are issued on the blockchain which empowers them with proof of existence, traceability & efficient transferability. Tokens can be further programmed or utilized to reflect specific utility such as: Access, Ownership or Purchase Power

A tokenized good can offer many utilities, with new ones added at anytime by anybody willing. An example of what a single token can offer, with many potential qualities across each:

  • True Digital Ownership
  • Proof of Physical Ownership
  • Proof of License
  • Value as a Currency
  • Value as an Alternative Payment
  • Form of Access
  • Future Considerations
  • Scarcity
  • More…

Get A Wallet

Store Bitcoin & Counterparty Tokens. Display associated meta data. Issue custom tokens. Keep multiple wallets in one ‘big wallet’. Share a wallet with others with multi-sig support.

Web: https://wallet.tokenpockets.com/#/

Desktop Alpha: https://github.com/tokenly/pockets/releases

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