what’s possible with tokenized media

If we look at media today like a digital song, you can listen to it and post about it on social media. That is the extent of the experience and utility and as a fan you don’t even own it even if you buy it. With unlimited streaming and that limited utility, there really isn’t an incentive to own it. But with blockchain technology that song, once tokenized, is now a vessel. Not only can you listen, but it may also function as a key to a private chat, access to a pre-sale, 10% off an online shop, accepted as a form of payment, access to a VR movie and more.

Tokenized media creates a world of possibilities for media creators and exciting value for fans. Fans actually own the media they buy. Fans can gift, sell, trade, rent and lend their media once it is living on the blockchain. It can also be truly scarce and function as a collectible just like limited presses of vinyls. Media on the blockchain also has the potential to resolve many licensing and royalty challenges facing the industry by automating splits and payouts. More exciting is the ability to to enabling new monetization and investment channels, optimize licensing, empower true price discovery and much more.

vinyl musical disc on wooden background;
  • Listen
  • ‘Post’ about
  • *Access to private artist chat
  • Lend
  • Sell or trade
  • True collectible scarcity
  • Function like a loyalty card
  • Access to VR or AR experiences *
  • Form of membership *
  • Support a cause *
  • Co-Branded discount access
  • Access to VIP experience
  • Unique digital perks


Token ‘features are up to the  media creator. New media, perks and other utility can be added to a token at anytime. The value of any token is its present value and all of its future value yet to be created.

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