Artists (media creators)

Use the platform to upload their media and are able to set their own pricing, volumes and other details via metadata. The recommended price per stream is 2.5 credits and artists get 80% of all revenues related to their media streaming and sales. That’s roughly 20x more than the standard streaming platforms. They can also:

  • Engage with fans in chats that are public or require a specific token (album) to access.
  • Create verifiably scarce albums; true digital collectibles.
  • Start selling other merchandise or digital goods with a Tokenly Markets ecommerce store which accepts credit cards, bitcoin and tokens.
  • Allocate their revenue to specific bitcoin addresses for streaming or sales that occur off platform. This can be for revenue distribution or even charity purposes.
  • Create regular quality, premium quality, consumer and commercial tracks and sell or license media.
  • Work with other artists, publishers or communities to create collective ‘multi-artist’ albums that can have a growing and changing library of songs.


Other Media Creators

These are some of the additional participants that can leverage the tokenFM platform to establish better and new revenue channels and to connect with fans. Each media creator gains the benefit of being able to control their own distribution, pricing per sale, pricing per stream, gating mechanism (eg. custom coins), and levels of fan engagement via things like chats or specially promoted merchandise.

  • Radio DJs / Broadcasters: Ability to stream playlists and live content intermixed on dedicated broadcast channels. Will also be able to purchase licenses from artists or via resale markets from fans for various periods of time with real price discovery.
  • Music Coalitions: Ability to manage albums, memberships and other activity on behalf of a group. Eg. City Wide multi-artist albums and eCommerce.
  • Media Publishers: Can manage on behalf of a group. We are a label friendly environment.
  • Journalists & Writers + Video Media: Same as artists w/ the ability to gate content with a ‘stream’ (access) fee, membership token or similar. Will also support consumer and commercial licenses.



Support artists by purchasing albums or artist specific tokens which gives them access to a set or growing library of music, or by paying a nominal streaming fee per song. Fans can also:

  • Engage in private or semi-private chats with artists based on the tokens (media) they own. Or in chats with other fans which can be public or token access limited.
  • Back or subscribe to artists with direct tips or subscription tokens (memberships)
  • Support a cause by streaming or buying media that splits a portion of sales for it
  • Invest in and collect limited edition media that is verifiably scarce and may provide other perks like discounts to events, merchandise, etc.
  • Earn, purchase and redeem custom artist tokens. These function like a currency or loyalty point. They can also be used to limit access to media or experiences like chats. Eg. You need 999 XYZ coin to listen to this song or participate in this chat.
  • Sell, rent or lend the tokens that they own
  • Earn or purchase aesthetic themes, emojis and badges that can also be scarce
  • Purchase merchandise that artists have listed on a built in eCommerce shop
  • Track their contributions to artists and charities via a report
  • Explore fan and artist profiles to learn more about them or track their notifications
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