• tokenpass | a robust user credential hub wherein users associate their wallet addresses. Various platforms can then scan tokenpass to verify which tokens the users own, or are borrowing. token.FM checks tokenpass to verify album ownership.
  • Markets | eCommerce shop and crowdfunding solution for physical goods, services, digital goods and tokens. The merchant indicates the payment type that they accept and incurs the respective fee. Bitcoin or token payments offer a significant discount over credit cards, as well as new ways to engage with consumers.
  • Tokenly Pockets (wallet with multisig and token support)



  • FM publishes the media metadata to the florincoin blockchain and IPFS network via the protocol. token.FM offchain credit transaction records can also be pegged to a blockchain as needed.
  • The platform offers an opt-in model to using a bitcoin wallet for power users and enthusiasts. The average artist or fan today is able to get started and use the platform without a wallet. They can purchases a plan or bulk credits with bitcoin, other digital currency, or a credit card.
  • Tokenized media (a token) is platform agnostic. It can be honored by any other platform that wishes to honor it. token.FM is not about mass consumption. We leverage blockchain and tokens to empower artists, provide unique fan engagement opportunities and experiences and to build community.

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Store Bitcoin & Counterparty Tokens. Display associated meta data. Issue custom tokens. Keep multiple wallets in one ‘big wallet’. Share a wallet with others with multi-sig support.


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