Why token.FM

Empowering Artists. Exciting Fans. Expanding Media.


what is a token

A token is a digital representation of a physical good, digital good, service or ‘instrument or promise’. Tokens are issued on the blockchain which empowers them with proof of existence, traceability, & efficient transferability.  Tokens can be further ‘programmed’ or utilized to reflect specific utility such as 1) Access, 2) Ownership or 3) Purchase Power. Tokens are versatile and as such can serve a specific or many utilities, across one or many platforms.



what is token.FM

Tokenly developed a platform that leverages blockchain technology to address existing media challenges and empower an exciting future of media distribution and fan relationships. tokenFM is a true fan platform, employing a jukebox or ‘play as you go’ credits system, instead of unlimited subscription models. Our goal is to:

  1. Empower media creators (artists): provide control over pricing and distribution of all media streaming and sales and empower 20x earning potential over ‘major’ streaming providers. tokenFM also empowers innovative ways to collaborate with other artists and brands, to connect with fans direct on the platform, and create ongoing value in relationships. Media creators include: musicians, broadcaster/podcasters, and shortly support for journalists, video creators and others. tokenFM also introduces the possibility for new participants to earn revenue. These include popular playlist creators, media collectors and early artist supporters.


  1. Excite fans: break the paradigm of digital album ownership by enabling powerful new use cases and true ownership of one’s media. Not only can fans support their artists and causes directly with jukebox style streaming that offers 20x higher payments, they can also benefit from music ownership in new ways. An album can provide access to a limited artist chat or exclusive experiences, a discount to certain shops, verifiable collectible scarcity, community status and even rental earning potential. All albums are also truly owned by the fans so they can collect them, resell them, trade them or lend them.


  1. Expand: what is possible with media in terms of experience, ownership, and monetization.


token.FM, why now

Media distribution and fan engagement is stuck in an archaic model that has been pushed into an unlimited streaming corner. While many aim to fix royalty issues, token.FM is taking a stance to leverage blockchain to empower both artists and excite fans while also enabling transparency over all pricing, distribution and revenue splits. 4 drivers for change:

  • Incumbents Operate in 3 Silos: Mass Consumption, Social Media, Crowdfunding
  • Abundant Unhappy Customers: Artists & Media Creators distrust current models
  • Experiences Desired: Fans want experiences, exclusives, direct backing
  • Blockchain: The ability to create efficient, transparent, rich experiences & value


The objective of the alpha is to provide a platform whereby media creators, specifically musicians, audiobook publishers, and podcasters are able to own their pricing, distribution and fan base interactions.

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